Macchina LLC
Chief Marketer
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Ken Chang

Ken Chang is a Minneapolis based brand strategist, digital marketer, and entrepreneur. He is best known as the marketing strategist for Macchina LLC, where he built a skyscrapper campaign from scratch that led the Macchina M2 to be 567% funded on Kickstarter. Ken is also a Barron’s Challenge Winning Professor, beating both Harvard and Yale with a 48.2% portfolio return. was created by Ken and super-star massage therapist Ryan Hoyme–as a proving ground for grassroots promotion and viral marketing strategies. In his operational role at, Ken has worked closely with, Yahoo!, Google, Smart Flix, and StyleHaul, StyleMeFit, and Machinima in buidling web pages, partnerships, and distribution for’s video based training products and advertising clients.

Ken’s clients include Design Ready Controls, StyleHaul, StyleMeFit, Machinima, RCMD Solutions, and InPracSys.
Specialties: Brand Strategy, Start-up Launch, Viral Expansion Loop Marketing, Grassroots Promotion, Design, Interactive Design, Video, and Sound Design.